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  • Chris Ritchie on

    Hi Paul!
    Thank you! Here are some of my answers to your questions:

    1) Typically, white gold/platinum are the most common choices in today’s market. However, Yellow gold, (especially high karat yellow gold like 18k, 20k, 22k) has been showing up more and more. For rings, and engagement rings, 18k is the best alloy choice for strength and rich yellow color. The other higher karat alloys get too soft and lose their durability.

    2) My production timeline from the time we pick a center diamond is typically 4-6 weeks during the year, 8-10 weeks during the Christmas season (Nov-Dec). The extended timeline is simply due to the increase in volume of project to fulfill for Santa Clause.

    3) I have narrowed down my search to three good center diamond options, and I have a new technique I want to try with you!
    I have 3 video images of the diamonds. I am going to email you the links. You can click on them and spin them around with your mouse at your computer. Its a great way to see every facet on the diamonds!
    I will also offer you my thoughts on each diamond in the email.
    Then you can let me know which one stands out to you, and we will move to the next phase of the process by selecting and purchasing one of the center stones.
    The center stone purchase will waive the typical 50% deposit on your custom ring, and the remaining balance for the ring will not be due until your ring is completed and ready to ship out to you!

  • Paul Kauffman on


    Once again I love the design! I have a couple of questions for you.

    1. Are you finding more preference for white gold or yellow gold these days? I assume white gold is still the standard but wanted to hear your opinion

    2. What is the timeline for completion once I approve the design? As I mentioned before I am in no hurry but just want an idea for my own timeline

    3. If you don’t know I live in KC. What is the process for picking out the diamond if I am not available to meet in person?

    Thanks again Chris! I hope you are getting some sleep with the new baby!



  • Paul Kauffman on

    Chris, I love the design, you are truly great at what you do! I appreciate the timely turnaround even with the arrival of your new baby. I will take a look at this and let you know of any changes I may see, but so far this looks great!

    Thank you again!

    Paul Kauffman

  • Chris Ritchie on

    Hello Paul-
    Welcome to your design page! Here we can discuss your engagement ring design and pick out a center stone for your ring.
    In the slideshow I have posted several sketches of an engagement ring designed for Whitney based off your description of her preferences.
    You will see a square Cushion cut center stone set in a solitaire head with diamonds flowing down the band.
    I also went all-out on this design and added some diamond details on the side of the head.
    The four prong head is oriented in an Compass Rose manner and gives the ring a custom flaire while retaining the overall classic style!
    I am still organizing and sorting through some center diamond options for you to consider, and I think I have found some great choices that all fit within your budget. I will post those soon, but I wanted to show you what I have been working on!
    Let me know what you think! :-)