Garrett Flynn- Rose Engagement Ring

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  4. CAST
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  • Chris Ritchie on

    Garrett- Welcome to your design page!
    I wasn’t sure if I could solve all of the requested details into your ring design, but I think I worked out a way to do it!
    The only thing I changed from your description was to make the Claddagh design a positive shape instead of a negative cut out. The areas around it can still be negative cut outs so you see through to the white metal in the background.
    In the top view, I added a single line of decorative milgrain (beaded edge) down the center of the band so that the leaves feel like they are attached to a plant. It also gives it a nice border element to tie the design together.
    From here, I just need to know what budget you are working with so I can find the right center stone options to match your ring design and center stone budget.
    Also, do you happen to know your girlfriend’s correct finger size?