Herdoiza- Lotus Flower Engagement Ring

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  • Christopher Herdoiza on

    Fantastic, this is an amazing start! Shoot me details on where I can send the ring and I’m all over it!


  • Chris Ritchie on

    Hi Christopher- Welcome to your design page. I have created a quick drawing to show you how we could modify the Lotus Flower Engagement Ring to fit the center stone size you are looking at and your girlfriend’s finger size.
    I felt the scroll work would be too tight to fit with a 1 carat center stone, so I changed them to two petal shapes that reach under the lotus flower and touch the birthstone underneath. This also will create a structurally stronger ring design, which I think is important on a size 8 finger because the bridge underneath the center stone has a larger span. This design ties everything together and still maintains the lotus petal head.
    All of your diamonds would be placed on the band portion going around the finger. The diamonds in the petal head are smaller than yours (probably 1.2-1.3 mm) and would probably need to be supplied. But I will use as many of your stones as possible.
    Once I see your diamonds, I can give you an exact quote for the rings knowing how many of your diamonds we will be able to use.
    Finally, I have found three great center stone options. In the slideshow, you can click and spin them around to see every angle of the diamonds!
    I particularly looked for SI clarity diamonds that had only white inclusions and the majority of those inclusions are located under the outer facets of the stone where they are disguised well by the light reflections. In all three of these diamonds, the table facet (Largest center facet) has very few if any inclusions underneath it. Not all SI clarity diamonds are the same, and these are some of the most desirable types because of their strategic inclusion types and locations.
    All that means these diamonds will all shine brighter and appear more pure than other diamonds of equal grade!
    Click on “GIA certified” in the description to view the GIA diamond certificate.