Herdoiza- Lotus Flower Engagement Ring

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  • Christopher Herdoiza on


    Can you shoot me a comment with the pricing for both 14k and platinum. Trying to stay within my budget : )

    Working with my friend on the center diamond. He’s currently moving his store, so he won’t have a quote for me until next week.

    Thank you,


  • Chris Ritchie on

    I updated the prices to show Platinum. It’s just crazy to see it so low.
    It is a heavier metal with higher density and with higher purity (95% = PLAT) whereas gold alloys are (58.3% = 14k) and (75% = 18k).
    So even though the price is still a little higher overall, you are getting considerably more pure metal than with a gold piece of the same size.
    Just to give you an idea, in the past, platinum rings were usually $800-1000 more than a white gold ring of the same size!
    We need the center diamond as soon as you are able. The ring really can’t move forward without the center. At the very latest, I would say have it to me by May 1st, but I would like it sooner to not have to rush the timeline at all.

  • Christopher Herdoiza on


    Thank you for being so thoroughly. Attention to detail is super hard to find these days!

    What is the price difference for these rings in Platinum?

    What is the latest I have to select a diamond and start the process? I am proposing on June 29th of this year.

  • Chris Ritchie on

    Hi Christopher-
    1) You are absolutely welcome to get your stone from your friend. I would only not work with it if it is one of the following:
    - fracture filled or laser drilled – These are clarity enhanced diamonds
    - color treated white diamond
    - these types of treatments would have to be disclosed by the seller
    Beyond that, I would just encourage you to look at the diamonds. The three I have chosen for you are not like other SI2 diamonds because of their specific types of inclusions. As you can see from the videos, the inclusions are predominately white inclusions that are located under the outer facets, meaning the inclusions they do have are all very well disguised.
    I would hate for you to buy an SI2 stone with a large feather or black inclusion that is dead center under the table facet and easily seen.

    Just remember my saying, “Not all SI stones are created equal.”

    Finally, make sure the certificate with the stone is GIA or AGS. Any other lab like EGL or IGI or a non certified stone can have great ranges in their grading tolerances.
    2) For the metal, Platinum is absolutely an option, and is my personal preference. Especially right now because the cost is extremely low.
    I would not recommend palladium because it is a duller grey metal than platinum and right now is considerably higher in price than platinum.
    3) There are some stones left over, but some of your small diamonds are chipped or have large inclusions in them. I was conservative on the number needed for the rings so I could have a few extra to choose from in case some are not ideal to use.
    This is especially true for the center stone in your provided ring. There is a very large chip out of it that runs from the girdle through about half of the back side of the stone. This stone is chipped so much that I would not want to reset it in a different mounting because it will most like not be able to conceal the break and would likely break even more.
    Whatever stones we don’t use in the ring, I will return to you with the finished ring.
    Finally, a 1 carat is not too small for this design. I did use a 1.25 carat for the original one, but your current drawing is shown with a 1 carat size center drawn on a 7.0 size ring.
    You can always go bigger, and I think it would look great. But a 1 carat will look great too.

  • Christopher Herdoiza on


    Thanks for all the info, this is a really exciting process and I am very pleased I reached out to you!

    I’ve tried to outline a few questions/answers below

    Your Question –
    Have you decided on a center stone?

    Not quite yet. My friend is able to provide the same quality center diamond for $3500 for a 1ct and $5500 for 1.25ct wholesale. —Need to confirm current pricing.

    My Questions –
    1) Are you still comfortable having him provide the center diamond?

    2) Is platinum and or palladium still an option? I apologize, but I forgot the details on our discussion about those options!

    3) I assume the remaining 4 diamonds include the larger center diamond. Could that be used on a smaller project from you (earrings, necklace, etc.)? Or even for my ring?

    4) Is 1ct too small for this design? What was the size diamond of your original custom lotus ring design?

    Thank you!!