Lauren Bedair - 10th Anniversary Set

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  • Chris Ritchie on

    Option 01: A beautiful new vision
    Engagement ring now: $2595 + Tax
    Half-shank now, with room to add eternity diamonds when wedding band is produced. (Later: +$405, +$1975, + Tax)
    (I can add the other diamonds to the engagement ring at any time)
    Option 02: Dream wedding set
    Engagement ring Eternity: $2800 ($200 off) + Tax
    Wedding band Eternity: $1675 ($300 off) + Tax
    (Save $500 in the long run, avoid shipping charges to return the ring later, and get to wear your complete set now!)
    I never want to push you to spend above what you are comfortable with, but if I can help you create your dream set now, I am happy to do that.
    In both of my proposals above, I will still give you credit for your existing metals.
    Let me know what you want to do!

  • Chris Ritchie on

    Hi Lauren-
    I added the drawing with the milgrain edges, so you can see what that looks like.
    The next step in the process is a 50% deposit payment on the project estimate, and I will set up an insured shipment and send you instructions on how to properly box up your rings for shipment. I will email you the instructions and the documents.
    Your deposit payment will take us forward to the second phase of the design process where I will build the 3D CAD model of your ring and create photo-like renderings so you can see exactly what your ring will look like!
    Once you approve those renderings, we will proceed to production, and start creating your ring!

  • Lauren Bedair on

    Hi Chris! Super helpful! Glad to see the pricing on the band. I think we will for sure do that in a couple of years!

    At that price, let’s keep the emerald! That’s perfect!

    My original budget plan was a range between $2000-$2500 so we aren’t far off at all. I hesitate to do the 1/2 shank though. It’s an important piece to us of course and I don’t want to skimp and regret it! Lol!
    Thank you for all of your help and info thus far!

    What is the next step to proceed?

  • Chris Ritchie on

    Hi Lauren, here are my answers to your questions:
    1) The emerald probably adds about $40 to the total cost for a natural emerald, or we could do a lab created emerald for $20
    2) Metal credit is figured at daily spot value: Today Platinum is $828/oz
    $828/31.1*0.95= $25.29 per gram Plat-RU 950
    So, if it weighs 4 grams, ($25.29 × 4g = $101.17)
    That is 100% spot price for the metal with no profit percentage applied.
    The same pricing method would be used for the Palladium ring spot price. Other gold buying places apply a profit percentage of 10-25%, but since you are making a ring with us, I trade it at 100% spot value.
    3) It sounds like you are thinking of Milgrain. Milgrain is a small beaded edge that can run around the borders of bright-cut settings.
    Filigree on the other hand is thin wires that are inlaid into an open cell or window of a piece.
    I can add a beaded milgrain edge to your design to see if you like it.
    4) The price on the 4th drawing is for the engagement ring only.
    I have added the matching band prices to DWG03
    Let me know what budget you are trying to work within, and I’ll see what I can do to get you within your range.

  • Lauren Bedair on

    Seeing it raised is so helpful! I’m still torn but I think I’m leaning toward raised.

    No worries on the delay! Glad y’all got to spend time with family! I’ve got a 2 and 4 year old so I feel ya!

    Couple of questions for you…

    1. How much $ is the emerald adding to the cost? I won’t be nit picky on price, but if it’s a substantial amount I can do without.
    2. Can you give me a broad range of possible credit for metals? As low as how much? Again, won’t be nit picky… just trying to get a ballpark idea. Had a budget in mind for my little “project” and trying to see how far off I am! Ha!
    3. I may be using the wrong term when saying filigree. My original wedding band is a Tacori band and most of their bands had these tiny “bumps” along the outer edge. It was still very thin and delicate, just had some texture (which after the years has mostly worn down so may not be all that necessary after all)
    4. Lastly, can you also quote me a price for a separate matching wedding band like you’ve shown. So I’ll know for future (at least roughly) what I’d be looking at to complete the set. Am I understanding correctly that the price quoted was for the main ring only?