Todd's Wedding Band

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Cord of Three Strands - Central Cross Strand

With Blue Zircon, December Birthstone

14k White Gold: $1585 $1425 , Family friend discount

18k White Gold: $1955 $1760Family friend discount

Platinum : $2595 $2335 , Family friend discount

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  • Chris Ritchie on

    Here is a drawing of your wedding band. I laid out the Cord of Three Strands with the central strand being the cross in a 6 mm wide band. The strand connected to the birthstone represents Suzette, and the other helical strand represents you.
    The outside has the central hammered texture with milgrain borders.
    All of the inside detail is deep relief cut, so the band will wear just like any other ring. Nothing sticks out into your finger from the ring size. I will also add a sizing section opposite the birthstone just in case you need to size it in the future.
    I am trying out a new page template on this design, so the prices and other information is listed below the images

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