Two-Become-One Engagement Ring

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  • Chris Ritchie on

    Welcome Tacita!
    Here is a drawing of your Morganite center stone in a Two-Become-One design. DWG01 shows the top view and through view of the ring. The outer band is white gold and the inner band is rose gold which has a slight pinkish hue to it that I thought would go well with your pink center stone.
    The center is surrounded by a halo of diamonds, and altogether I think it is still a manageable size for a ring.
    In the through-view I also added some rose gold scrolls to embellish the side of the ring and fill some of the negative space beneath the center stone.
    From your pictures, I gathered that you wanted the center stone prongs straight, rounded, and very short, so I set the center stone girdle very close to the halo.
    Here are some price quotes for this ring:
    14k rose gold and white gold: $2700
    18k rose gold and white gold: $2925
    Platinum and 18k white gold: $3185
    Texas Sales tax (8.25%) is added to all shipping addresses in the State of Texas.
    Since you have been so kind and patient with me though my busy Christmas season, I would like to offer you a $150 discount on your purchase, and if you decide to move forward with the project, I will also set up an insured shipment to bring in your center stone free of charge. (I will need the center stone to build the CAD model of your ring so that the final ring fits it perfectly.)
    Let me know what you think of the design. I look forward to hearing your feedback!

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