Wedding Set

  3. WAX
  4. CAST
  5. CLEAN
  6. SET

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  • Kristen Buchta on

    Hello Chris,
    I will be leaving town on Oct 8th and won’t be back until 10/31. Let’s coordinate before you ship because I might need you to send it to me at my dads house in North Carolina instead of to Alaska.

    Any estimate on completion by chance?

    Katie and Kyle Wilson said to tell you hello. They will be watching our dog for us :)

  • Chris Ritchie on

    Hello Kristen! We had a slight delay in casting with the wedding band, because the first one came out with a defect. It is now recast and both castings look great! I hope to start setting your pieces on Monday. I am trying to finish one project before, and then I will start yours!

  • Chris Ritchie on

    Here are the renderings of your new wedding set!
    Building both models at the same time allowed me to design the wedding band so that it fits right up next to the scroll details on the engagement ring.
    CAD01-07 all show the rings in different views, both together as a set and separate as well.
    CAD03 shows an option where we could use your yellow gold rings to create a two toned look on the engagement ring. I really like this look, but it would add to the production cost for the ring. So, if you like this look, I would be willing to upgrade the design for only my cost on the casting labor, separate casting flask fee, and additional wax model. (See notes below CAD03 image)
    Let me know what you think of the renderings!

  • Chris Ritchie on

    Wonderful to hear! I am glad we will be producing both bands so I can build them to perfectly fit each other.
    I will send you a Pay-Pal invoice for the deposit on both rings to get started.
    I will also send you insured Fed-Ex shipping documents along with packaging instructions for how to box everything up so it meets our insurance requirements.
    Let me know which day works best for you to send out the shipment and I will set up the shipping documents for that day!

  • Kristen Buchta on

    I’m ready to move forward with this design. I’m excited! I’m thinking FedEx or UPS might be the best option for getting the stones sent to you. Oh, and all of my princess cuts are the same size.